Welcome to the F.A.S.T. Web Site! We are a southwestern Oswego County New York Snowmobile club dedicated to the sport of snowmobiling. Our mission is to promote the safe and lawful practice of our sport and to influence others to act responsibly. It doesn't matter if you live nearby, or trailer in from points distant, if you enjoy the trail system in Oswego County, it's your duty to support a local club. Besides being responsible, our group also has fun! Summer picnics, fall swap meets, and an end of season party complete with bands are just some of the year-round activities for club members.  We hope you will spend some time on our web site, and decide to join us.

Trail Report


February 21- Groomed last night- Rathburn Rd to Co Rte 46- beautiful snow! Trail was still in pretty good shape, and better after we went through! Saw at least 2 dozen sleds out...and we could see the small, and sometimes, not-so-small, mounds of snow where sledders spun their track, giving birth to the moguls we all love so much. Especially at road crossings- some people love to leave snow in the road, and that causes more hard feelings from non-sledders. I know these riders don't read, so if you know one, please say something. Keeping our trail is hard enough without these inconsiderate riders.


February 8- Groomed entire trail system, out and back, 40 miles- only took 9 hours! Cut back lots of hanging branches and small trees (ice- and snow-covered); more than a few water holes that we tried to fill with snow and which should freeze overnight.  Enough snow to groom fairly well, but not enough to groom again without more snow- but, there is little enough snow that monster moguls should not form.  BE CAREFUL- one sledder already left the trail in the "mucks", found a ditch and left pieces of windshield behind. We saw him on our way back through, cleaning up after himself. and claiming to be OK. That, at least, was good news. Tomorrow, the Vintage sleds from the Whiteout will be on the trail to Lysander, and back. Please watch out for them.

January 22- Groomed the trail from the barn, east to Rt 46. Not as wet, but a lot of road. Trail has now been groomed from Rathburn Rd to RHF's. Don't want to declare it open because the snow is so thin; lots to watch out for. No longer enough snow to groom again.

January 21st- Groomed last night!  Went from groomer barn (East Mud Lake Rd.) west to Kibbe Rd. and north to Rathbun Rd.  There is enough snow in many places, but not really enough in others.  The trail along Rte 3 west of Fulton is thin and WET; "divided trail" signs over by Lakeshore Rd have already been run over; the culvert at the beaver pond is washing out; the corn fields are ROUGH!  RIDE WITH CARE!!  Going out with the groomer again today...

I invite anyone who has something to offer to attend one of our club meetings (the second Tuesday of each month at RFH's, 7:00 pm) or to come to my informal "Burgers, Beers and Bulls**t" meeting (the last Wednesday of each month, 7:00 pm, currently at Duskee's in Phoenix).  You can also email me at mikeschmid52@yahoo.com. I will get back to you.. 

Trail Coordinator Mike Schmid (315-440-5897) 


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