Welcome to the F.A.S.T. Web Site! We are a southwestern Oswego County New York Snowmobile club dedicated to the sport of snowmobiling. Our mission is to promote the safe and lawful practice of our sport and to influence others to act responsibly. It doesn't matter if you live nearby, or trailer in from points distant, if you enjoy the trail system in Oswego County, it's your duty to support a local club. Besides being responsible, our group also has fun! Summer picnics, fall swap meets, and an end of season party complete with bands are just some of the year-round activities for club members.  We hope you will spend some time on our web site, and decide to join us.

Trail Report


November 14, 2019

Despite the early snowfall, the FAST trail is CLOSED! It will not be open until December 18, 2019 (after the big-game hunting season ends). Also, crops are still standing.

Riding without permission on property that is not yours is TRESPASSING! We have lost sections of our trail due to upset landowners, and have yet to find a way around. People who have never had a snowmobile trail on their property before are very reluctant to deal in any way with opening up their property (and themselves) to possible problems. Can you blame them?

Unfortunately, the riders who need to understand this situation the most (the ones causing problems) will, by their very nature (ignorant and inconsiderate), either not read this post at all, or if they do, not see themselves.

I invite anyone who has something to offer to attend one of our club meetings (the second Tuesday of each month at RFH's, 7:00 pm) or to come to my "Burgers, Beers and Bulls**t" meeting (the last Wednesday of each month, 7:00 pm, currently at Duskee's in Phoenix).

I met with the property owner on Bankrupt Road who had issues with snowmobilers cutting into his yard and across his driveway.  The club will be fencing his yard, trying to keep sleds to the edge of the road (where there is, of course, little snow).

You can also email me at mikeschmid52@yahoo.com. I will get back to you. I don't/won't do social media, so don't bother getting all viral there. 

Trail Coordinator Mike Schmid (315-440-5897)

Club Contact: Denise Gilbert - fastsecretary@aol.com 


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