Welcome to the F.A.S.T. Web Site! We are a southwestern Oswego County New York Snowmobile club dedicated to the sport of snowmobiling. Our mission is to promote the safe and lawful practice of our sport and to influence others to act responsibly. It doesn't matter if you live nearby, or trailer in from points distant, if you enjoy the trail system in Oswego County, it's your duty to support a local club. Besides being responsible, our group also has fun! Summer picnics, fall swap meets, and an end of season party complete with bands are just some of the year-round activities for club members.  We hope you will spend some time on our web site, and decide to join us.

Trail Report

Trail Coordinator Mike Schmid (315-440-5897) 


November 9, 2021- Well, here we go again... This new season has brought a new "season"- our trail will be CLOSED until January 2nd, 2022! (Later, if there is no snow.) 

As you should know by now, the DEC has extended the hunting season in the southern zone through Jan 1 (to give families, home for vacation, an opportunity to hunt together). Even though we may have snow, some of our landowners hunt or lease their property to hunters. RESPECT!!! Stay off the trail, stay on your own property, or go north, until the the trail opens.

Speaking of opening, I will need some volunteers to help with marking and clearing the trail- weekends or weekdays- I am retired and available, except Nov 19-27 (that is my hunting time). 

I am available by phone for volunteers, questions/concerns, and positive ideas.


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