Welcome to the F.A.S.T. Web Site! We are a southwestern Oswego County New York Snowmobile club dedicated to the sport of snowmobiling. Our mission is to promote the safe and lawful practice of our sport and to influence others to act responsibly. It doesn't matter if you live nearby, or trailer in from points distant, if you enjoy the trail system in Oswego County, it's your duty to support a local club. Besides being responsible, our group also has fun! Summer picnics, fall swap meets, and an end of season party complete with bands are just some of the year-round activities for club members.  We hope you will spend some time on our web site, and decide to join us.

Trail Report

Trail Coordinator Mike Schmid (315-440-5897) 


Feb 25, 9:00 pm- Just finished trying to groom... NOT ENOUGH SNOW! Went east from the barn, as there are no cornfields in that direction; woods, hay and soy are pretty smooth- NOT CORN! On top of that (or under, I should say), there's ICE. We got the groomer slipping on a small, ice-coated hill and had to back out of the woods- not easy with that long drag and trees on either side. SO- the trail remains "officially closed". If you try to ride anyway, beware of ice under the snow and teeth-chattering cornfields.

Feb 21- Surprise!  TRAIL IS CLOSED. It may repoen this weekend, depending on new snow.  Stay tuned.

Feb 7, 9:30 am- Groomed last night, 9 pm-2 am. Trail is holding up pretty well. Some concern over so many riders going "off trail"; hope it doesn't lead to problems with landowners. If it's not your property, you're TRESPASSING! All clubs work hard to obtain permission for trails, but it's so easy to lose that permission. BE CONSIDERATE! If you see a jackass on the trail, let him/her know!

February 4, 5:00 pm- Another round of grooming done.  Lots of powder, cold- trail will not hold up under these conditions.  Hope we don't get any pissed-off landowners over loud pipes or trespassing...

February 3, 11:30 am- Just finished grooming trail this morning.  Trying to take advantage of warm temps and soft snow, smoothing it before the temperature drops and the snow freezes.  Not much to work with, but it keeps the bumps and dips small. There is lots of evidence that riders are not staying on the trail... Hope that doesn't lead to closures!

January 16, 9:00 am- Groomed two nights ago (Friday pm).  No real snow to work with, but it served as a check on the trail's condition. Put up signs on the whoop-de-doos between the Granby Town barn and Lakeshore Road, and better signage at the concrete bridge north of Lakeshore Rd. We did not groom along State Rte 3, to avoid the major mudhole by Ferdi's.

We've already had an issue: @4:00 am Friday, three riders were zooming down the power line by Co Rt 3 (had to be a hairy ride!!) disturbing residents; they were chased down, but denied being the guilty party. IDIOTS will ruin it for everyone!  Please let the Trail Coordinator know of any instances where idiots pop up, so we can play "whack-a-mole"!  I am going to ask the police to set up checkpoints on the trail- speed, mufflers, registration and insurance. I know the idiots don't read these posts, so we may actually strain some of them from the gene pool!

January 9, 4:30 pm- Just finished hanging signs at all road crossings (@ 120, and THANKS for the help NICK!); most of the interior of our trail is not signed.  Since sleds have been out anyways, there's no point in keeping the trail closed, so ...  BUT KNOW THIS- the ground has not yet frozen; it's soft and MUDDY. I am concerned the groomer will get stuck in that mud, so there will be no grooming for a while longer. Again, RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK- feel free to call me about any situations you feel may be hazardous, but be prepared to help with the remedy!


January 7, 2022, 11:00 am-  Our trail is NOT OPEN yet. At this moment, west of the Oswego River, snow is falling quite nicely and accumulating. I'm sure the east side will soon also see this condition. Early-birds on the trail will have this light, fluffy snow beaten down to the mud in no time; water holes are not frozen enough to support machines; road crossings will not be appropriately marked until Sunday afternoon (at the earliest, as I will be out-of-town until then). If it reaches 40 degrees Sunday, this may all melt, so the trail will not OFFICIALLY open before then. RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK- feel free to call me about any situations you feel may be hazardous, but be prepared to help with the remedy!


January 4, 2022- Our trail is NOT OPEN yet- insufficient snow; maybe this weekend. Look for the STOP signs at the road crossings. When you see them, it will signal that our trail is open! Ride safe!



December 31, 2021- Well, tomorrow is the last day for deer hunting... The trail can finally open, AFTER we get at least three inches of snow (NYS requirement, not mine!); anyway, we need more than that to groom.  If you've been driving around, you may have noticed- our road crossings have NO signs. They won't be there until the club opens the trail.

I want to thank Brian, Jim, Jamie and AJ for their help with signing some of the trail. I'm so pleased that out of an average membership of more than 150, four people find the time to volunteer (note: that's SARCASM- look it up!)  As it is, much of our trail has not been completely signed. Hopefully, our local members know where the trail goes, where the hazards are (where and when to slow down); if you're an "out-of-towner", and not familiar with the trail, SLOW DOWN!

Specific notes about our trail:

1. Good or bad, the FAST trail is the ONLY one connecting the Finger Lakes to Tug Hill (without looping south of Syracuse).

2. We are still running the shoulder of Pinnacle Hill Rd, Hinmansville Rd and Bankrupt Rd because of landowner issues; also, we are still running the shoulder of Fenner Rd for the same reason.

3. There is still standing corn along Lakeshore Rd- IF IT GETS RUN DOWN, we will lose more trail.

4. Beware the bridge (north of Lakeshore Rd); it is not yet signed (up to "idiot standards"). 

As always, if anybody thinks they can help resolve these issues, call me.



November 9, 2021- Well, here we go again... This new season has brought a new "season"- our trail will be CLOSED until January 2nd, 2022! (Later, if there is no snow.) 

As you should know by now, the DEC has extended the hunting season in the southern zone through Jan 1 (to give families, home for vacation, an opportunity to hunt together). Even though we may have snow, some of our landowners hunt or lease their property to hunters. RESPECT!!! Stay off the trail, stay on your own property, or go north, until the the trail opens.

Speaking of opening, I will need some volunteers to help with marking and clearing the trail- weekends or weekdays- I am retired and available, except Nov 19-27 (that is my hunting time). 

I am available by phone for volunteers, questions/concerns, and positive ideas.


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