The Fulton Area Snow Travelers is a snowmobile club dedicated to making the sport of snowmobiling more enjoyable for everyone. The club is operated entirely by club members who volunteer a little bit of their time. We realize that time is a valuable thing these days but if everyone helps with what they can, the sport will benefit from your efforts. Some activities will require more effort than others but each will have more than one volunteer so you will not be solely responsible for any event. Please take a moment to fill out our form and select one or more areas where you can help. Write down what part of the committee you would like to volunteer to do. Thank You.


Door Prize Committee:______________________________________________________________________

(Committee to collect and organize door prizes for events throughout the year)

50/50 ticket sellers:_________________________________________________________________________

(Committee to sell tickets at events and monthly meetings)

Trail Committee:___________________________________________________________________________

(Committee to perform trail duties to maintain trails, put up/take down signs & fencing)

Groomer Committee:_______________________________________________________________________

(Committee to operate groomers and perform groomers repairs/maintenance as needed)

Publicity Committee:________________________________________________________________________

(Committee to contact newspapers/TV to advertise events. Also design and hang flyers)

Safety Course Committee:____________________________________________________________________

(Instructors to teach or helpers to work one or two safety courses in the fall)

County Meeting Committee:__________________________________________________________________

(Committee to attend Oswego County Snowmobile Association meetings on third Wed. of month)

Steak Bake Committee:______________________________________________________________________

(Planning of yearly steak bake held each fall as a fund raiser)

Year-End Dinner Committee:__________________________________________________________________

(Committe to plan year-end dinner held in the spring

December Sled Raffle Committee:______________________________________________________________

(Get sled raffle tickets out to sell and collect tickets Make up raffle board for Raffle night.)

Sled Raffle Party Committee:__________________________________________________________________

(Planning of the party , work with door prize committee and publicity committee)

Activity Committee:__________________________________________________________________________

(Plan various events for the club like club rides, overnight rides, fundraisers and parties)

Sunshine Committee:_________________________________________________________________________

(Send cards and or flowers to club members who are in need of a get well or condolences.)


(Be available for helping out one of the committees needing extra help)

Clothing Committee:_____________________________________________________

(Committee to order clothing and sell clothing at club functions)


I am unable to volunteer but I am willing to donate doorprizes, etc., ____________________________________


Club Member Name: _____________________________ Phone Number: _____________


Please feel free to print copies of this form for all members of the family willing to volunteer.

Please fill in your name and phone number and send back ASAP. Thanks for volunteering!

You can also e-mail information to