Trail Conditions & Map


January 22- Groomed the trail from the barn, east to Rt 46. Not as wet, but a lot of road. Trail has now been groomed from Rathburn Rd to RHF's. Don't want to declare it open because the snow is so thin; lots to watch out for. No longer enough snow to groom again.

January 21st- Groomed last night!  Went from groomer barn (East Mud Lake Rd.) west to Kibbe Rd. and north to Rathbun Rd.  There is enough snow in many places, but not really enough in others.  The trail along Rte 3 west of Fulton is thin and WET; "divided trail" signs over by Lakeshore Rd have already been run over; the culvert at the beaver pond is washing out; the corn fields are ROUGH!  RIDE WITH CARE!!  Going out with the groomer again today...

I invite anyone who has something to offer to attend one of our club meetings (the second Tuesday of each month at RFH's, 7:00 pm) or to come to my informal "Burgers, Beers and Bulls**t" meeting (the last Wednesday of each month, 7:00 pm, currently at Duskee's in Phoenix).  You can also email me at I will get back to you.. 

Trail Coordinator Mike Schmid (315-440-5897) 


Trail Map